What is Blue Oxygen™?

Bluecare “water activators” blend extra oxygen molecules into tap water creating safe, purified, activated water we call Blue Oxygen™. The self-contained Bluecare® devices are powerful, compact, sleek and beautiful. Enhanced water activation has been used to treat drinking water for over 100 years. It’s the most commonly used disinfectant for food and water in Europe.

What does it do?

Blue Oxygen™ activated water is powerful and safe:

– Kills bacteria, viruses and contaminants in drinking water – Kills acne causing bacteria – Helps protect against plaque, gingivitis, cavities and mouth-odor causing bacteria – Kills and degrades dangerous contaminants on Fruits/ Veggies/ Meats – Sanitizes baby toys – Produce, meats, fresh fish, cut flowers last longer

How does it work?

Bluecare machines create Blue Oxygen™ activated water using a
micro-lightning technology. An extra oxygen molecule is bubble-blended with water at ultra-high speed to create Blue Oxygen™. Unblended or excess gas is eliminated with a patented tail-gas recovery system. Blue Oxygen™ molecules are activated to kill bacteria and viruses, and degrade toxins in food and water.

Is it safe?

Blue Oxygen™ is the strongest, fastest, and safest disinfectant
available and was approved for use on food and food contact surfaces by the FDA in 2001. It has been designated as “GRAS” (Generally Recognized As Safe) when used according to accepted industry practices.  There’s no chemical residue. Blue Oxygen™ water is safe to use to clean surfaces and the exterior of household items, kids toys, meats, produce, and even skin.

Product Line

Blue Oxygen™ Mouth Rinse System XK-201B

Blue Oxygen™ water kills millions of bacteria that cause mouth odors. Helps eliminate food, drink and cigarette breath. Keeps your mouth “kissing fresh” without using chemical mouthwash or sugary candies. Swish and rinse. No installation necessary! Compact and perfect for bathroom counter.

Blue Oxygen™ Food and Water Purifier J301-AG

Blue Oxygen™ water tastes great. No odors or chemical aftertaste. Kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, mildew, & mold. Degrades organic micropollutants, pesticides, fertilizer, chemical pollution & heavy metals. Clean your produce the way professionals do. Under sink installation for unlimited water flow. Perfect for kitchen use!

Blue Oxygen™ Facial Cleaning System XH-201B

Blue Oxygen™ water kills acne-causing bacteria on your skin and in your hair. Enhances natural, healthy skin. Extra soft brushes massage, clean and stimulate. Stand-alone: no installation necessary. Compact and perfect for countertop use!

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